Cookie information

Cookie is a small file saved on the device after visiting a website. The file contains a small amount of data, which the web server can read the next time you visit the same website.

We use cookies in order to host a website as user-friendly as possible. By using cookies we also ensure that you don’t need to input the same information each time you visit our website. The cookies improve the usability of the website for instance by hastening the use of the forms and help you find the products and services you are looking for.

Cookies do not damage the visitors’ devices or files. We adhere to the valid privacy policy regulations and work accordingly the appropriate technical means to maintain the data security of the customers on our website.

Accepting the cookies is not a requirement for using our website. However, we’d like to emphasize that the functions on our website and services may be restricted when the use of cookies is not accepted.


When can cookies be disabled?

You can change the settings of your browser to disable cookies. Usually, in the settings of the browser there is information on how new cookies can be avoided and already saved cookies can be destroyed or taken out of action.